Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dirt Cheap Stock Picking: Chapter 2

I have been following specialty retailer over the past year and I have to admit that the entire sector had surprised me and pretty much everyone. Stocks like COH, MW, URBN, and DBRN have moved up nicely over the past couple months. In fact, URBN which I named in my chapter 1 list now is up nicely from $18 to $23 in a short month! I don't claim to know all that there's to be known about retailer and I am not by any stretch of imagination your hip-hop, fashion guru but some common sense makes me believe that there are still some good ones left out there. CHS and CBK have come to my attention recently. Both of which I only venture to put 18+ month price forecasts. CHS is about to post earnings and the price pattern suggests that no negative surprise is expected. I can see a 18+ month price of $55. In CBK's case, I can see some serious downturn in near future (somewhere in neighborhood of $15) but stock can see highs of $30 in longer term. Again, I am on the record, so we will see what's gonna happen!