Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dirt Cheap Stocks: Chapter 7

I have to admit I am not an avid blogger. But I hope that my every so often ideas helps somebody! I know it seems odd to call any stock dirt cheap nowadays, given all the moves they have had in past several months. But I think select solar names look really good: First Solar (FSLR), SunPower (SPWRA), & Suntech (STP). Renewable (Norway:REC; PinkSheet: RNWEY) and Q-cell (Germany:QCE; PinkSheet: QCLSF). I also like CME and ICE. Both strong positions in energy & commodity dealership. Given the push for new ways of risk management, and Moody's and S&P falling out of favor (perhaps even subject to litigation), I like new names like RiskMetrics (RMG). Blackrock (BLK) is a great company too but it's just too rich for my blood. In long run, MasterCard (MA) and Visa (V) are great bets but they have had great runs. So maybe a loading up on a re-treat would be justified. Till later dudes and dudetts,